Flip Boom All Star Review - Kids Animation Software

Peppa pig
The Toon Boom clients are well recognised in professional animation circles as the creator of the best and a lot widely used 2d animation software packages available today. Their Harmony method is used at illustrious companies like Walt disney world Studios (ever heard of them?) and Nickelodeon, as well as countless independent freelancers and professionals worldwide.

However, these programs are notoriously expensive and with a learning curve that will tax a NASA employee (well, perhaps not Very difficult), they are often seen as an "elite" tool, that is out of reach of most folk, especially small children.

Exactly what can you are doing if you need a good quality animation software for your child which is accessible, inexpensive and quick to create good results?

Well, Toon Boom has answered this by releasing their Flip Boom All Star program. It claims to provide top quality animation tools at a child's learning level as well as for under the price of your average video game.

Will it do this? Let's find out in this review...

Main Top features of The application

As a parent, the largest issue you have is how quickly your youngster can make use of the software. In the end, a steep learning curve requiring extensive manuals and sophisticated menus is a surefire method to kill any creative spark and have the program getting dusty around the hard disk drive.

Thankfully, Toon Boom have done an admirable job of simplifying the interface and rendering it fun for kids. All the buttons are image based and have little tool tips that appear whenever you hover a button on them.

The system is according to their top end software, but is much more child-friendly and not cluttered at all. This is a great bonus because it makes it easier for the child to move about the more complex softwares later on when they wish as they will have a great grounding here.

The drawing tools are great and enable for varying line thickness, which can add an extra quality to the work., and allows your youngster to complete traditional drawn animation, or work on surface of photos or any other images they have imported.

(Even though it is best to use a stylus and drawing tablet it is not necessary... an ordinary mouse is fine.)

There is also the ability to import sounds and music files to include directly to their cartoons inside the program, allowing them to add in some talking characters or lip sync.

Exporting their job is real easy too, plus they can perform it in a variety of formats like Quicktime, Flash, and AVI, in addition to direct uploads to Facebook and YouTube to see friends.

Struggling to Have that Creative Feeling?

If they are having a slow day, your youngster are able to use among the templates that include this program, and suggest to them types of exactly what can be performed.

Gleam much-publicised Auto-Animate tool which basically requires a character you've created and adds various moves (translate, rotate, spin, twist, squash, etc.) which you designate. Simply click the button and it will it.

Although this is a pretty neat tool to determine rapid results, those results can be very tough to control plus a little arbitrary. I can tell a child getting bored your tool pretty quickly... a lot more fun to produce your own personal stuff.


The greatest negative I found with all the software was in the installation, since it requires an internet connection so that you can register and open the application. It might be much easier to just have a serial code, since some folks don't always have a net connection in your own home when installing.

I'd also prefer to see some more templates coming with the software as standard. It certainly is to great to possess a little library of ideas when creating a cartoon or animation project.

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